What is LCD Touch Panel?


Touch panels are input devices that apply the film processing technologies the company has acquired while working on plastic film panels (PEP). Since the keyboards themselves are transparent, the touch panels can be placed directly on top of a display device. They are space-saving, graphical input devices that can used for a wide variety of applications.


1. Transparent touch key panels have a combination film and glass structure that offers high transmissivity and rigidity.

2. The film is situated on the uppermost surface, making input possible with a light touch.

3. A safe design helps prevent glass from scattering if the unit should be dropped our subjected to strong mechanical shocks.

4. Transparent touch key panels can be placed directly on top of display devices.

5. In line with your application needs, you have option of choosing either and digital touch panel that has the necessary keypad patterned on it or an analog touch panel that can perform continuous recognition.


Application of analog touch panel

1. The analog touch panel is an input device employing a resistive film system.

2. Analog touch panels are suited to uses where:

     - There are large numbers of keypads.

    - Character recognition, line input and other continuous coordinate input is necessary.

Operation principle of analog touch panel

1. A transparent electrode is formed uniformly over the entire effectively surface of the film and glass of an analog touch panel.

2. Information can be input by fingertip, stylus or other pen device. The upper and lower electrodes short-circuit when they are pressed with a pen. During this time the X and Y coordinates detect by turns.

3. To locate the X and Y coordinates, voltage Vx taken from the Y electrode and voltage Vy taken from the X electrode are converted into digital data and assigned coordinates.

4. An alalog touch panel only needs four signal terminals, but it has to by equipped with an IC chip with a built-in analog-digital converter such as that shown in the circuit configuration example. The driver MK715 is recommended.

Application of digital touch panel

1. The digital touch is short-circuiting key switch.

2. Digital touch panels are suited to uses where:

    - here are relatively few touch pads and you wish t use encoders and other existing circuit.

    - The keypad is large and input is by fingertip.

1. Digital touch panels have transparent electrodes pattered on the film and glass is a matrix array.

2. the upper and lower electrodes as switches, short-circuiting when subjected to finger pressure.