What is UART TFT LCD ?

What is a TFT LCD?

What is a MCU TFT LCD?

What is a UART TFT LCD?

How do I choose which one?                                              

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In order to make users more aware of the differences between , we use the concept of building a building to illustrate .

 differences As shown in the following figure:

Simply using TFT LCD, just like a building to be built, it is necessary to have architects, land, workers, material tools and

construction methods, etc.To build a building, just like to display the picture on the TFT LCD .

   After the architect (TFT LCD user) has finished designing the drawings, he needs to build a building on a piece of land (on TFT LCD).

If you do not understand the construction process and methods, the architect must organize the worker, integrate the materials and tools,

and understand the construction method. This work is complicated and difficult, which affects the work efficiency of the architect (TFT LCD user),

as shown in the figure below:, The TFT LCD interface is generally commonly used as RGB or LVDS.