BC1602L 16x2 LCD DIP Module

Bolymin DIP Module LCD

16x02 Alphanumeric DIP-Series LCD Module

BC1602L is a 16x02 alphanumeric LCD that comes with built-in 18 pin header. It is a (Chip-on-Board) LCD display that doesn't require screws for mounting and customer can directly solder it on their PCB.

Easy Handling

DIP Module LCD makes handling much easier during mounting in assembly lines and save considerable amount of time to customers.



PIN Assignment 


1. COB with metal frame

2. 5x7 dots with cursor

3. Built-in controller ST7066 or equivalent

4. +5V single power supply

5. 1/16 duty cycle

6. LED B/L pins: 17/18

7. No Negative Voltage Option

8. DIP module

Electronic Characteristics