How Taiwan Kept Businesses Open Amid Covid-19

Dear Patron,

We hope you and your loved one are fine during these difficult times when COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic cases have been reported in over 190 countries and territories. Take precautions and stay home, please follow instructions issued by WHO and your local authorities.

Lot of our friends across the world is asking us how are we doing amid COVID-19 PANDEMIC and what our near future plans are. We want to assure you at the moment we are functioning at 100% capacity, and keeping our customers updated in case of any shipment delays due to our components supply issues.

Taiwan started preparing for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) as early as Dec 2019 when first incident of unidentified virus was reported in China. It ramp-up face mask production to 10 million units daily.

As a result, everyone at our office wears face-mask and is encouraged to wash or sanitize hands regularly. Hand sanitizer is available at the entry points and in elevators. 


Most of the Covid-19 positive cases in Taiwan are imported and there are very limited locally transmitted cases. With strict measures in place, these figures are not likely to change dramatically.

Looking at above scenarios, we at Bolymin can reassure you that there won’t be any lock-down in Taiwan and things will go on as usual, but with precautions.

And last but not least, if you need any support during these times or have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

Team Bolymin