Bolymin OLED Module Coding System


Bolymin OLED Module Coding System

Bolymin has over a decade of experience in manufacturing OLED Module. It uis onr of the established Taiwan based OLED manufacturer and supplier.

Bolymin offers hundreds of standard OLED module and also offer customized OLED.

Our OLED Module Coding System is designed to help our customers understand what Bolymin part number they would require as per their requirement.



Customer can choose between Character Type and TAB (Tape Automated Bonding) / TCP Type Module.

Bolymin offers followings OLED color option:

  • OLED Green
  • OLED Yellow
  • OLED White
  • OLED Red
  • OLED Blue

Based on their language, customers can choose from below listed Fonts:

  • OLED with English/Japanese Font
  • OLED with English/European Font
  • OLED with English/Japanese/European
  • OLED with English/Cyrillic Font

Bolymin Passive Matrix OLED Modules can be used for below applications:

  • OLED for Smart Watch and other wearable devices
  • OLED for White Good Appliances
  • OLED for Industrial Application
  • OLED for Automotive Application
  • OLED for Medical Application
  • OLED for IT Products