High Performance Uart TFT LCD  product  

     BTU070 serial is a high Performance TFT LCD.Its built-in ARM 9 

CPU integrates video decoding, audio decoder, TFT LCD

 controller and serial communication protocol.

      The main function is to provide Uart serial communication, so that the MCU of the external client can easily display the content to be displayed on the UART TFT LCD through simple commands. The MCU program and hardware acceleration inside the UART TFT LCD can read SD card or SPI Flash and display data, this method reduces the time for the client MCU to process graphics display.

      The main frequency of BTU070 serial is 400MHz, it contains 512Mb DDR display memory, the built-in MCU program supports UART TFT LCD communication protocol, including picture display, picture scrolling, picture-in-picture (PIP), GIF animation display, geometric graphics, vector text display, QR CODE generation and other functions.

     The main feature is that the UART TFT LCD supports MP4 video playback and MP3 music playback, and the UART TFT LCD development software(UI Editor) can quickly realize the product with TFT LCD color display function.

     BTU070 serial UART TFT LCD is very suitable for electronic products with TFT LCD screen, especially electronic products that require video playback and small size TFT screen, such as all kinds of smart home appliances, automobile and locomotive instrument panels, industrial control, Electronic instruments, medical equipment, man-machine interface, testing equipment and other products.

  • FEATURES                                                                                                             
  1.  7” TFT LCD: 800*480                                           

  2. Built-in:ARM9 core architecture, main frequency up to 400MHz

  3. High-capacity 512Mb display memory

  4. SD card, SPI Flash interface

  5. Uart TFT LCD communication protocol, support various display commands

  6. H.263/264, MPEG1/2/4 decoding, support MP4 Video playback, MP3 music playback

  7. Picture display, Text display,picture scrolling, picture-in-picture (PIP),GIF Animated display, geometric figures, etc.

  8. Provide capacitive touch panel or resistive touch panel options

  9. QR code generation and display

  10. Provide UI editing software, PC simulation software  





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