Bolymin TFT Module Coding System


Bolymin TFT Module Coding System

Bolymin offers more than 100 standard TFT Modules in its catalog and also offer customization service for non-standard part.

TFT Coding system is designed to help customer look for right part number based on their requirements.


Standard TFT sizes range from 0.96” to 10.1” which includes, but not limited to:

          0.96” TFT LCD

          1.77” TFT LCD

          2.00” TFT LCD

          2.40” TFT LCD

          2.83” TFT LCD

          3.50” TFT LCD

          4.30” TFT LCD

          5.00” TFT LCD

          5.60” TFT LCD

          5.70” TFT LCD

          7.00” TFT LCD

          8.00” TFT LCD

          10.1” TFT LCD

Bolymin offer option of TFT LCD with controller board such as RA8873, RA8875, FT810, SSD1963, and RA8876.

Bolymin also offers TFT with AD Board depending on customer’s requirement it can be HDMI, VGA, CVBS, or S-Video.

We offer various TFT interface options such as TTL (RGB), TTL (RGB with MCU), LVDS, HDMI, Parallel (MCU/ LCD), UART, RS232, RS485, etc.

View angle is decided while the display is being designed, and can be adjusted to any angle based on the requirement. To read more about view angle, click here

Depending on the application customer can also select the operating temperature required for TFT Display. Standard temperature range from -20 to +70 but wide or ultra-wide temperature TFT is also available.

Although most of the applications these days use Capacitive touch panel, still there are industrial applications that require Resistive touch panel or without touch panel. Some special applications require touch panels to work while wearing gloves or being exposed to water or oil, Bolymin can customize such touch screens.

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