Bolymin Complete Solution With TFT+ Controller RA8875 + RTP/ CTP + Cover Lens

Customer Request  

We received a request for a 5″ TFT display that could be used to replace existing LED on a water purifier. While discussing with customer we understood that they are also looking to upgrade their current MCU as it is a low-end one, enough to drive a LED but not good-enough for TFT.

Upgrading a high-end MCU was a challenge as it had major impact on the product cost. 

Bolymin Suggestion  

We recommend that instead of upgrading their MCU, they should use TFT with RA8875 controller.

We offered them our standard TFT BTC050A-EWR$, that comes with RA8875 Character/ Graphic TFT LCD Controller.

Adding RA8875, also allow customer following functions:

  • Scroll Function
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for back-light adjustment
  • DMA (Direct Memory Access)

Download RA8875 Controller Datasheet


Bolymin recommendation helped them keep their product within budget without any changes in their current design. In addition, along with TFT Bolymin also design cover lens for the customer. 

It also bring down their product development time by 6~8 weeks.