BG12864J 128x64 LCD

Bolymin DIP Module LCD

128x64 Graphic DIP-Series LCD Module

BG12864J is a 128x64 Graphic  LCD that comes with built-in 24 pin header. It is a (Chip-on-Board) LCD display that doesn't require screws for mounting and customer can directly solder it on their PCB.


PIN Assignment


1. COB with metal frame

2.Built-in controller SBN0064G/6400G

3.+5V single power supply,with built-in negative voltage

4.1/64 duty cycle

5.LED edge B/L

6.LED B/L pins: 23/24 or 1/2

7.Option:Temperature compensation circuit

8.Option:External negative voltage

9.DIP module

Electronic Characteristics