Boymin - Price Increase Notification

Date: Mar 30th, 2021


Dear Customer,


Bolymin sincerely appreciates your long-term trust and support.


You must be aware that as a result of COVID-19, starting Q4 -2020 the prices of LCD raw material such as IC, PCB, glass, backlight, packing materials have increased by 10~30% worldwide. We have been receiving the increased cost notification from most of our material suppliers one after another, especially the price of IC electronic components have surged by 30%, with delivery Lead-time of at least 6 months.


Based on the current situation, Bolymin is forced to make adjustment in our prices to ease the rising cost pressure. We'll implement the new price list starting Apr 15th 2021, and it will be 10~20% higher compared to our current prices.


There will be no standard price book for TFT as raw material cost and lead-time are changing on weekly basis. TFT price will be determined based on the latest market cost. Bolymin strongly recommend that please check with us before committing any price to your customers. We also request you to please plan the forecast schedule much in advance (minimum 6 months) to avoid the further increase in price and also allow us enough time to meet your schedule.


We uphold the enthusiasm of serving our customers but with increase in material cost, along with exchange rate fluctuations, the total increase in cost is far beyond the range that our company can absorb.


Looking forward to serving with our high quality products and dedicated service. Thank you so much for your support and understanding.