• 20x4 Character LCD, BC2004B

20x4 Character LCD display

● COB with metal frame
● 5x7 dots with cursor
● Built-in controller ST7066 or equivalent
● +5V single power supply
● 1/16 duty cycle
● LED B/L pins:15/16,or A/K or 1/2
● Option: LED EL B/L
● Option: +3V single power supply
● Option: Negative voltage
Model : BC2004B


BC2004B is Big Font 20x4 characters LCD Module (LCM) made using Chip on Board (COB) method and comes with metal frame.

Character size is (4.84x9.22) mm.

Module dimension of BC2004B is (146x62.5) mm and viewing area is (123.5x43) mm.

It has built-in controller ST7066 (or equivalent) that provides different language options, English, Japanese, Chinese, Western & Eastern European, Russian etc.

It is available without backlight or with LED, EL backlight options.

BC2004B LCD module is available in gray, yellow/green and blue LCD color.


● Mechanical Data


Standard Value


Module Dimension

146.0 x 62.5 


Viewing Area

123.5 x 43.0


Dot Size

 0.92 x 1.1 


Character Size

4.84 x 9.22


● Pin Assignment

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